Our last press release quoted Darren Murtha, CEO of Murtha Design Inc. says "The Unnecessary Censorship App epitomizes what this whole app craze is about where developers are creating unique apps and users are buying them and sharing them with friends while they say 'hey look what I can do with my PHONE!'  If you would like to reach Darren, tap 519 nine three three - zero seven zero five on your favorite touch device or email darren at murthadesign.com

Another great quote from Chris Lott, Lead Software Engineer on the project says "When Apple trademarked the term 'There's an app for that.' I think this is exactly the kind of stuff they were referring to. For the first time, anyone can create special effects previously reserved for TV studios. Now anyone can create blurs and pixelations in the palm of their hand! I'm really so thankful to Apple for building an amazing SDK that gives developers to tools to develop creative apps."

We also featured these reviews from iTunes:

iTunes reviewer Herb Hernandez "This is a beautifully made app. Easy to use with lots of potential. I'll definitely be having fun with it!"

iTunes reviewer Ry "the Party Animal" Rocha "Very well done app! A really funny idea - turning any mundane video into a dirty one just by preying on people's natural tendencies to put things behind the bleep - in a well-designed, easy to use app. If you're considering buying this, get the app - if you like the idea, the app will not let you down"

iTunes reviewer Anthony Latess "This app is the #@%#* bomb! I use it on my iPad and have censored every video I have and emailed them back to friends for their reactions! All I can say is OMG! I guess laughter is a healthy thing!"

iTunes reviewer Marc reider "I took a 30 second boring video and made something that my friends are laughing at for hours."

iTunes reviewer iBridget "Censor and let their minds run wild - Censor the most innocent clip like they say, and send it to your friends. LOL it's funny what people start to wonder. =) This is an easy to use app and is great fun. It's nice to see a unique video editing app unlike all the others. Totally worth the money, get it now before they realize they're selling it cheap!"



Cult of Mac Logo

Nicole Martinelli from CultOfMac.com says "If you can’t get anyone to watch your ho-hum videos, a new iPhone app can pixelate or bleep that turkey carving moment to make it look like something out of “Sh*t My Dad Says.”


Know Your Mobile website

Journalist Ben Griffin from KnowYourMobile.com says "This brilliant iPhone application deserves a mention because it's genuinely entertaining. Basically, you can add beeps and censor any videos you have on your iPhone, turning seemingly innocent videos of relations, friends or pets into what appears to be rants of unbridled obscenity."